April 5th, 2012

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Poem for Thursday and Longwood Tulips

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Wednesday was our chore day of spring break. While apaulled took blepfo to get a haircut and new sneakers, I went for my annual physical, where everything looked good except for my hemoglobin, which has been borderline anemic since I stopped eating seafood a couple of years ago (I hadn't eaten red meat or pork for more than a decade at that point), and my blood pressure, which has been borderline for more than five years now -- the diastolic goes down with my weight but the systolic has been hovering at slightly-too-high consistently. So my doctor said iron supplements every single day, not just when I feel like I need them, and let's try an ACE inhibitor. So if I am coughing or having nightmares in the next couple of weeks, you will know why.

I am not particularly distressed about this, since it isn't particularly news (I had grandparents with heart issues and was frankly more worried about my blood sugar and cholesterol, both of which looked great. So I immediately went to meet my family at that bastion of health food, California Tortilla, for lunch. Then we came home and younger son's girlfriend came over. I did laundry and other exciting chores, apaulled worked on taxes, eventually I took the kids to Robeks and ran into CVS and Giant to get some things while they drank their smoothies. TV tonight has included Dave Matthews and Adele in concert on PBS (the latter in particular is fantastic), then a Science Channel special on supermassive black holes. Longwood Gardens tulips:

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