April 11th, 2012

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Garden in Bloom

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Spring break has ended but the insane spring weather has continued; on Tuesday it was in the 60s, overcast in the morning, brilliant sunshine in the afternoon, yet again no rain in sight. I finally finished folding the laundry, did some work, did some writing, and other exciting weekday things like that. Younger son had tennis in the afternoon so I got to walk in the woods at Cabin John Park, where the creek was unnervingly low but the chipmunks were doing lots of scampering anyway. I would be happier about Santorum suspending his campaign if I were positive he didn't cut a deal with Romney for a job in his hopefully-not-happening administration.

Glee is back and mediocre as ever -- Collapse ) Very enjoyable music though, since I can listen to '80s schlock any time and there can never be too much Elton John (probably there can be too much Duran Duran, but it didn't happen this week). Ringer is just as mediocre, I suppose, and the oops-I'm-a-psychotic-lesbian-now business really irritates me, but again I have discovered that I will watch Sarah and Ioan do pretty much anything, with bonus points for Doug Witter in a gratuitous sex cameo. Here are some Lewis Ginter Botanic Garden photos from Monday:

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