April 25th, 2012

little review

Poem for Wednesday and Gaithersburg Goslings

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The sun came out on Tuesday and I even got to enjoy it. I had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with vertigo66, whom I hadn't seen in a month since she went to England over spring break -- she brought me tea in a Diamond Jubilee tin and a magazine with Colin Firth on the cover and an article about the Queen Mum inside -- then I took a walk around the lake at Washingtonian and discovered that, although I know they try to get rid of goose eggs so they don't have too many Canada geese pooping on the grass, they missed at least one, because there was one fluffy gosling being guarded by eight adults, including two of the white domestic geese raised in a Canada goose family several years ago.

I came home to take Adam to tennis, but he decided that he wanted to bike to tennis, so instead I took a walk around the neighborhood which is nice and green and looking summery after all the rain. Eventually Adam and Paul came home and we had dinner, then watched Glee, on which I liked the Whitney Houston music and every scene Santana was in and couldn't really have cared about anything else (I think Emma has replaced Rachel as my least favorite female on TV). Then we watched a Titanic special on Planet Green that we'd actually never seen before on what sank the ship (spoiler: water). Here are some more goslings from Lake Whetstone last weekend:

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