May 4th, 2012


Poem for Friday and School Awards

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I got up early for a good reason, for a change: Adam's school was having an awards presentation and Paul and I had received an invitation. He had won several local and national photography awards, and the school was giving him a certificate in recognition of that, plus there was a display of work by all the student artists. And they fed us donuts and orange juice, so that was lovely.

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I went to the mall to get new sneakers because there is a hole in the toe of my old ones -- I tend to use them as walking shoes, hiking shoes, and everything else, so I am pretty hard on shoes. Then I came home for lunch and to get some work done, and then my mother asked me if I wanted to go back to the mall to have frozen yogurt with her, which I did -- we also got Adam some running clothes (he was out biking with a friend).

We had butternut squash lasagna for dinner, watched an episode of Wild Russia on Animal Planet with many adorable critters, then watched Awake, which is getting really good but is apparently barely on the bubble for next season -- as are Harry's Law and Nikita, the other two network shows I care about. The ones I don't really care about have mostly been renewed already!