May 9th, 2012


Poem for Wednesday and Sheep & Wool

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Oh please don't go -- we'll eat you up -- we love you so! R.I.P. Maurice Sendak. I worked all day; I got a huge amount done, but as a result I have absolutely nothing of interest to report. Watched Glee, rolled eyes, Rachel and Finn are not mature enough to graduate from high school let alone get married. Watched this week's Once Upon a Time, want more Rumpelstiltskin, less Regina.

A numerical majority of North Carolina voters are idiots as well as bigots. Do people really want to deny health benefits to elderly widows to punish gay people, or did they simply not read the entire bill? Please, Marylanders, turn out to keep gay marriage legal here in November -- don't make our state another haven for prejudice and embarrassment for civil rights. A few more sheep from the festival:

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