June 2nd, 2012


Poem for Saturday, Renfaire, 'Whispers'

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We had thunderstorms and tornado warnings for nearly all of Friday, which made up most of the excitement for the day. Again Paul worked from home, we had lunch with Daniel, I wrote a review of Deep Space Nine's "Whispers". Adam came home in a rainstorm with Maddy and we dropped them off at the movies in Rockville, then went to Krispy Kreme for our free National Doughnut Day donuts, then we stopped at the library where at the used book sale I found a book of legends illustrated by N.C. Wyeth for $3.

We had dinner with my parents (without Adam, who went with Maddy to Noodles & Co. after the movie), then came home to watch the finale of Deep Space Nine, though we paused at the beginning for a call from my in-laws, who plan to drive across the country to see various sons, grandchildren, cousins, and siblings in a few days. "What You Leave Behind" is as magnificent and as sad as ever -- we're kind of up in the air about what to watch next because it's such a hard accomplishment to follow -- I think I owe it to Daniel to show him Firefly. Some Virginia Renfaire venues:

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