July 7th, 2012


Poem for Saturday, 'Blood Oath', Bunnies

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It was a hundred degrees on Friday, so I spent as little time out of the house as possible. Adam has a friend who's having a crisis, so he had friends in and out of the house all day, including the girlfriend of a friend to whom I was talking while dyeing my hair so that I also managed to dye my fingernails and nose due to my inattentiveness. I took both my kids and Maddy to the mall to get frozen yogurt so that Daniel would get at least a bit of exercise walking around (and so I could get apple hand soap on the last day of the BBW sale).

In the midst of all this excitement I managed to post my review of Deep Space Nine's "Blood Oath", which I always want to like more than I do. My parents came here for dinner since they were without power for two days longer than we were, then most of us watched some Relic Hunter while Adam went back to hang out with his friends, one of whom is sleeping over. Now I shall catch up on three weeks' worth of The Fannish Five and post photos of neighborhood bunnies after weathering the storms:

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