July 13th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Friday and Solomons Island

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We spent all day Thursday in Solomons Island on one of the nicest days of the summer -- nearly 90 degrees but with a nice breeze off the water, so it was a grand day to be walking around the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay. First we went to the Calvert Marine Museum, which we haven't visited in a couple of years, so we could see the many animals there -- otters, rays and skates, diamondback terrapins, captive snakeheads, plus wild fiddler and blue crabs, herons, and jellyfish, all of which we saw in the water -- plus the exhibits on Maryland shipping, the War of 1812, and the history of Bay settlements. We brought a picnic and ate it at the shaded picnic tables by the historic boathouse near the Drum Point Lighthouse, which we also visited.

After lunch we drove to Annmarie Garden, a public park with sculptures and art exhibits as well as woods and flowers. There's an exhibit of fairy houses all summer which are set all around the trail through the woods, which also passes many sculptures on loan from the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and through a ring of standing stones. From there we went to Flag Ponds State Park to go to the beach on the shores of the Chesapeake, which is reached by a hike through the woods where we saw skinks, a lizard, a bunny, a deer, and lots of dragonflies. There were lots of fish and some crabs (plus some jellyfish) in the water, which in the late afternoon was warmer than the air! We stopped for Mexican food on the way home.

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