August 20th, 2012


Poem for Monday and Nationals Park

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Our day did not go precisely as planned. We had free tickets to the Nationals game courtesy The Washington Post and various local stores, so we left the house in the morning figuring we'd walk around the stadium for a while, then go sit and eat lunch in our seats. But the rain that originally wasn't supposed to arrive until evening showed up by noon, so we spent nearly three hours doing things like this:

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By mid-afternoon the kids had had it, so we went home, where we arrived a few minutes before the pitchers started warming up! The Nats won 5-2, important since they play the Braves next (and the Dodgers beat the Braves while we were waiting for the game to start). We did a bunch of cleanup chores after dinner and watched the season finale of Political Animals, whose big shocker twist was not the thing that surprised me the most!