August 26th, 2012

little review

Poem for Sunday and UMCP Campus

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While Adam was finishing his summer internship at Glen Echo, we took Daniel to College Park to pick up his keys and start moving his things into his dorm. His roommate won't arrive until tomorrow, and we're having a family gathering with my cousins in the morning, so we figured we'd leave the heavy lifting for tomorrow when Adam and a friend can help carry things. But we wanted to get the bed made and the bulky items stashed.

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Adam's girlfriend, who has been out of town for a week, came over for dinner -- we brought in Vince & Dominic's pizza since Daniel has complained he can only get mediocre pizza in at school -- then we watched Tower Heist after going through a long list of On Demand movies to see if we could find something all four of us wanted to see. It was funnier than I expected from the reviews -- predictable, but well cast and the actors seemed to be having fun!