August 27th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Monday and Dorm Decorating

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I had a very family-focused Sunday. We had brunch at my parents' house with most of my local extended family -- my cousins Stephanie, Gene, and Debbie, their cousins Jane and Bob, and Paul's parents, who are finally back from traveling all over the country visiting relatives. There was lots of food -- Adam, who was just back from running, ate some of everything, I think -- and I hadn't seen any of the extended family since spring, when we had two family funerals in a short time, so although my younger cousins were all back in school and couldn't be there, it was very nice to see everyone.

Then we came home, picked up Adam's friend who had agreed to help us carry heavy items in exchange for dinner, packed up the van, and took Daniel to College Park to move in for the fall semester. His roommate had arrived earlier in the day, so after we got everything upstairs in the intermittent rain -- not that I'm complaining, as one of the aforementioned younger cousins is trying to get out of New Orleans ahead of Isaac -- the guys got equipment to bunk the beds, moved around the desks, and started setting up their equally elaborate computer configurations. Only later did Daniel realize he forgot to pack his fall clothing.

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As promised, we took Adam's friend to Plaza Azteca for dinner, where we had more food than we needed after brunch and saw a rainbow out the window while the storm cleared out. Having helped his brother, Adam rearranged his own bedroom furniture in preparation for starting school on Monday. We watched Puss In Boots, which was entertaining -- I liked it better than the last Shrek movie -- particularly the visuals (Vasquez Rocks! Bryce Canyon!) though I'd have appreciated slightly less stereotypical female characters or at least some explanation of everyone's accents!