August 31st, 2012


Placeholder for Friday

We had Adam's Back to School Night tonight so I am behind on everything. I spent most of the morning working on my TrekToday review for Friday, since I'm going to pick up Daniel for Labor Day weekend and Renfaires on Friday afternoon (probably in traffic). Paul was working from home, so we went out to lunch together at Lebanese Taverna -- I dragged him into Tiara Galleries for the Vera Bradley launch too, chatted with a friend from high school who works there, and bought one of the new bags which is the perfect size for a DSLR with telephoto lens, a Kindle, a mobile phone, and a wallet.

Then we came home, I took a walk, gave Adam our leftovers, took a shower, and went off to the high school for a somewhat chaotic back to school night which the principal actually tried to dismiss after the second-to-last class (not sure if she couldn't wait to get home to see Mitt Romney or the last Ravens preseason game). The teachers seemed fine; he likes the studio art and photo teachers from previous years, the world history and English teachers are both energetic young women, his math teacher is very mellow, and his Foundations of Technology teacher -- a required county course that nobody likes -- was an intern at the National Aquarium who rescues orphaned baby squirrels!

Stewart/Colbert are distracting me (I couldn't bear to watch Romney tell the same lies as Ryan) so I just have one photo, a leftover from Longwood Gardens' Munro light installation last month: