September 2nd, 2012

get critical

Poem for Sunday and Capitol Cruise

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We had tickets from a local deal for a boat ride on Capitol River Cruises, and since they were going to expire after the long weekend, we picked Adam up after a morning race in Gaithersburg and took the kids to Georgetown and rode on the Nightingale down past the major DC monuments. It was pretty hot but there was a nice breeze on the Potomac and lots of people to watch waterskiing, paddleboating, and canoeing as we passed. We were in the front part of the boat, which at first I thought might get too hot from the sun, but the views were great and we got lucky in that a train went over the old bridge just as we passed under it.

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In the evening Adam went out with friends and the rest of us watched the season premiere of Doctor Who. I know that many people get irritated at my failure to adore Moffat and his version of the show, so if it's just going to upset you, don't read Collapse ) We watched the first two episodes of Copper afterward -- we had missed them because of Political Animals -- and though I thought it was very well put together, the acting and filming and much of the dialogue, it's not really my thing (even more violent than Boardwalk Empire, so I doubt I'll be sticking with it.