September 3rd, 2012

green little review

Placeholder for Labor Day

I spent most of Sunday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival with dementordelta and my family, and tomorrow we are going to the Pennsylvania Renfaire to meet my in-laws, so I will keep this brief! We had a couple of spots of rain but otherwise a really lovely day. We saw two Hack & Slash comedy shows, Johnny Fox sword-swallowing, Wine and Alchemy, the Squire of the Wire (who had lots of new material including a high wire), Fight School (which had only one new line), and Shakespeare's Skum's Macbeth (always fantastic and always full of new jokes despite being 20 minutes long).

We were all amused that there were already two Eastwood jokes (plus one Akin joke) only days after the Republican convention. I ate a loaded baked potato for lunch and a cheese and fruit plate late in the afternoon, and I bought myself a peplum bodice -- my first piece of substantial Renfaire clothing not borrowed from Delta! In the evening when we got home we watched Royal Memories, a show about the Queen's home movies and photos narrated by Prince Charles, which was great, then the bits of the London Olympics opening ceremony that Delta hadn't seen. Here is a photo she took of me and Paul on the lovers' bridge:

Not working today? Thank a union.