September 9th, 2012


Poem for Sunday and Wings of Fancy

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Saturday started out hot and sticky. I spent the morning working on various photo and computer projects while Adam was taking a mock SAT, and after lunch we went to Brookside Gardens for the Wings of Fancy butterfly exhibit, though by then we already had storm watches coming in from both DC and Baltimore news stations. We walked around the warm, humid gardens, where we saw lots of animals -- turtles, frogs, geese, ducks, a snake, a green heron -- and clouds that looked quite a distance away. We also saw many gorgeous butterflies in the conservatory:

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On the way home we stopped at a couple of stores on Rockville Pike. In a matter of minutes the sky turned dark, and torrential rain and winds arrived. Now the temperature has dropped 20 degrees and it actually smells like fall out, which is lovely. Also, the Terps won their opening football game, the Nationals won and the Orioles are once again tied for first, so it was a good sports day (I keep forgetting to post here about things I post on Facebook, but I am also proud to be a Ravens fan and will be supporting the Vikings in the NFC)!

Doctor Who...dinosaurs improve most things, even silly unrealistic dinosaurs (I know there are Pertwee episodes with dinosaurs and Sarah Jane Smith which I really must track down), but the guest stars made the episode for me. Collapse )