October 2nd, 2012

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Ellicott City Halloween

( Poem Interrupted By Whitesnake )

I'm linking to today's Poem-A-Day from the Academy of American Poets by Timothy Donnelly because I got a kick out of it. I am cranky for a number of petty reasons including trouble with my Kindle, which suddenly won't read any non-Amazon .mobi files, Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars, the best reason I've ever heard for not watching, and the bee sting I got last week at the zoo, which is suddenly swollen and painful and I'm told that means probable infection.

Warehouse 13 did a kick-ass season-ending episode, but of course it was a cliffhanger (and not a happy one where someone asked for someone else's hand in marriage, heh). Apart from seeing the big deer family while walking in the woods in the rain, it was not a great day -- I didn't even get to see cidercupcakes as we initially hoped, the Orioles and Nationals both lost -- so rather than whine I shall post photos of stores in Ellicott City preparing for Halloween!

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