October 5th, 2012


Poem for Friday and Bubble Factory

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My Thursday was pretty uneventful. Paul worked from home, so the cats spent a lot of time pacing back and forth between my computer and his, hoping one of us would decide it was time to feed them. I made the horrifying discovery that I can't upload NEF files to Flickr, and I have dozens that have not been converted to JPGs, though I shoot pretty much all quickie travel photos as JPGs, so I tracked down a NEF-to-JPG program to start working on that (I'm more than halfway through 2010, past the baby bird.)

Adam had a cross country meet today that was originally not on the schedule because he was supposed to run on Tuesday but it was canceled due to weather; he ran a 5K in less than 19 minutes, so he was very happy. We put on Glee late and couldn't figure out why we were watching at all, then put on Elementary, which again I enjoyed; I am never going to adore a straight-up mystery show, it's just not my genre, but I like the actors and the pacing. Some Bubble Factory photos from Ellicott City:

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