October 13th, 2012


Poem for Saturday, Defiant, Great Falls, Baseball Heartbreak

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I have spent the evening trying (unsuccessfully) to get Adam's Verizon SIM card to work in my old T-Mobile phone, since his phone is dead and we really need to be able to get ahold of him at his cross country meet on Saturday, so this will be rushed! I don't have a lot of news anyway. I spent the morning finishing a review of Deep Space Nine's "Defiant" and getting defriended on Facebook by high school acquaintances for observing that when Biden debates like Romney debates, certain people complain that Biden is mean and nasty when they had no problem with Romney's condescension and sneering a week earlier.

Gorgeous weather made a long afternoon walk a necessity. Apart from dinner, talking to Adam and trying to deal with his phone, my evening was about sports. The Orioles sadly blew game five against the Yankees -- just imagine what they could have accomplished if they had as much money to throw around as the Yankees do -- and the Nationals decided to keep things interesting when they were one batter away from victory, blowing it in the ninth inning in a game that was almost as stressful as a presidential debate. Here are some more photos from Great Falls yesterday with thistlerose:

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