October 15th, 2012


Poem for Monday and Return to the Renaissance

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I spent a glorious not-too-warm Sunday with the leaves falling all around at the Maryland Renaissance Festival -- a date originally planned so dementordelta could bring our friend Lin and Adam could bring Maddy, but Maddy couldn't come, so Adam opted to stay home, and Lin felt ill and wound up spending a lot of the afternoon lying down in Delta's car, sadly. But apart from worrying about her, we had a truly lovely day, and in addition to lots of our favorites, we got to see many things we didn't see several weeks ago when we first visited the Renfaire, such as:

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After a lunch consisting of healthy food like fried cheese, fried bread with blueberry compote, and cheesecake on a stick, we came home to have ravioli with Adam, who was finishing up a practice PSAT after having read dozens of pages for AP World History and finishing his Chinese homework. We got to see the happy end of the Redskins game, though we missed the happy end of the Ravens game, and we watched Once Upon a Time and Upstairs, Downstairs (still lots of crazy revisionism, but hey, Kennedys as well as Royal Dukes in this one)!