October 21st, 2012


Poem for Sunday and Homecoming Saturday

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Quickie as we have all had a busy day. Adam had the county cross country championships in the morning; he finished well and will be an alternate for the team to regionals. We went out and made a couple of stops with Daniel before picking up Adam, who went out to lunch with the team. Then we drove to Scotts Run Nature Preserve to see the changing leaves and hike down to the river.

Adam had the homecoming dance in the evening, so we picked up Maddy and left them at Tara Thai, then went out with Daniel for Indian food in the mall. I just had time to take advantages of Bath & Body Works' sale before we had to pick them up again to take them to the school for the dance. The rest of us watched a bunch of Relic Hunter, and Maddy's father just dropped him off here!

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