November 4th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Two Local Parks

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I had a lovely Saturday in gorgeous if overcast weather. gblvr was visiting wolfshark and a co-worker of the latter, so I got to have lunch at Lebanese Taverna with all three of them, plus walk around Ulta and put on obnoxious blue eye shadow. When eventually we went our separate ways, I came home to get apaulled and Adam and we went first to Great Falls to see how high the river was post-Hurricane Sandy (high, but not nearly as high as after the Snowpocalypse melt), then to Meadowside Nature Center to see whether Rock Creek was flooding (all over the trail at one point, forcing us to walk through brambles and thorns -- my legs have several cuts).

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I missed most of the Maryland game, but considering how badly Georgia Tech beat them, that is just as well. We did see some of the triple-overtime Notre Dame-Pitt game around dinner, including the end. Then we watched The Next Three Days, a seriously flawed story with acting that makes up for it; there were some fairly large plot holes but I thought Crowe was terrific, though I wish Banks had had more of a character to play -- she was the object rather than the subject of everyone's attention, even though her arrest set the entire film in motion -- and Wilde completely disappeared out of the film right when she could have become interesting.