November 9th, 2012

get critical

Poem for Friday and Autumn Arboretum

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I have been fighting with LiveJournal's scrapbook for the past half hour (for a change) so have run out of time to write anything, though look, I have successfully included photos below! Not much happened to me Thursday anyway: many hours on a holiday project that needs to be completed while I have a discount coupon to get it printed, many hours spent ordering cats off heating vents, not enough time outdoors but I did see nine deer and a bunny so at least what I did get was quality time. Facebook was still on the All-Politics Channel and I spent more time there than I should have.

I also made some jewelry out of $1 beads I bought at AC Moore yesterday and had a quality discussion with my son about the implication of Colorado legalizing pot (bottom line: he's still not going to college there). We watched this week's Beauty and the Beast, which I am still really loving even if it's a bit soapy -- I am not all that worried about Catherine's lack of girly time -- and Elementary, which had a great guest star nearly ruined for me because of how gratuitously they introduced him to us. Here at last some fall arboretum photos:

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