November 11th, 2012


Poem for Sunday and Nearly Naked Mile

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I have finished the family 2013 calendar! This has taken up every spare moment today when I was not out with my family, hence this will be a quickie. I had fun working on the calendar but I had even more fun at our other activity for the day, taking Adam and his friend Daniel W to the Nearly Naked Mile race in Reston Town Center. It was very entertaining to see the interpretation of "nearly naked," which included everything from a kilt to a toga to a jock strap over a flesh-colored bodysuit to a lot of short shorts. The race was a fundraiser for a hospital burn center, so the Fairfax fire department was giving out foam hats and selling leis to raise money (I got leid by a fireman, heh).

Adam ran the mile in under 5:30, which was his goal -- he was in the middle of the competitive group of men, followed by competitive women and then people not trying to run a mile in under 7 minutes -- but he strained a muscle already sore from a race on Friday and limped to Chipotle, where we bought the runners a late lunch. When we got home, I walked the neighbor's dog for Adam because he could barely hobble up the steps. Maryland lost so badly to Clemson that I'm not at all sorry to have missed the game, and the TV all evening has been tuned to other college football games but I've primarily been editing calendar photos on Shutterfly and shrinking these:

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