November 14th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Wednesday and Cross Country Banquet

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Yet again I am rushing! That's because this evening we were out for several hours at the high school cross country team banquet -- "banquet" in this case meaning a large pot luck in the school cafeteria, followed by a couple of hours of awards and speeches. Adam received his varsity letter, which mostly go to seniors, so he was pleased -- plus he won "most attractive girl" in honor of his Halloween costume. I had a slice of pizza, some salad, four different kinds of pasta, and two different kinds of cookie -- can you tell from the carbs that most of the runners are now doing indoor track? There were some chicken dishes, but not much vegetarian protein.

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The rest of my day was unenthralling and involved writing, laundry, waiting for Paul to tell me when we could go pick up the car which was in for routine servicing so I could then go to Target, learning too late that Paul had decided "we" didn't really need to go to Target on Tuesday even though I am out of something I really need -- he thought I just wanted to get the DVD of Brave, which I couldn't have watched today anyway -- picking up the aforementioned car but having to rush home to get ready for the banquet, and belatedly watching this week's Once Upon a Time when we got home!