November 17th, 2012


Lyrics for Saturday and Rockwood Mansion

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I spent my morning, when I wasn't nauseous from the news, writing a review of Deep Space Nine's "Destiny", yet another good episode that's become a great episode given what we know now about the characters and the future of Bajor. Then I ran around to get everything else done so Paul could come home early and we could go meet up with Annmarie, who is the area for work, at a Mexican restaurant near BWI. Traffic sucked but we eventually got there and had a lovely dinner catching up with her!

Since driving home in much lighter traffic, we have spent what was left of the evening watching the Air Force-Hawaii game. Younger son went to dinner with his girlfriend and two other friends, and tomorrow he is running in another 5K so I will not see him much till Sunday. Here are some photos from the Rockwood Museum, the country estate in Wilmington where the Delaware Shakespeare Company performs outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter, built by Joseph Shipley and restored in 1999:

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