November 23rd, 2012


Poem for Friday and Thanksgiving Dinner

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I am suffering from post-Thanksgiving lethargy even though I ate tofurky. Adam tells me that it is actually crashing blood sugar after all the carbs and desserts, not L-tryptophan, that really makes people sleepy, so this makes sense. He got up early this morning to run a 10K with friends from school, his first competitive one; the rest of us slept in a bit, especially those of us who'd been up late with a cat. After he got back, both kids went with my father to pick up some food so my father wouldn't have to carry heavy bags with his injured hand and I did some cat-related laundry.

Paul's parents came over in the afternoon and we hung out while waiting for the tofurky to finish cooking, watching the early football game. Then we went to my parents' where my sister and her family are visiting, watched a bit of the Redskins game, and ate a huge amount starting with brie-and-raspberry hors d'oeuvres and nuts, then real and fake turkey, stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot souffle, cranberry sauce, and more desserts than I can remember, all of which were great. My kids and their cousins were slightly rambunctious but everyone came home happy!

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