December 5th, 2012

little review

Poem for Wednesday and Art of Fire

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The weather on Tuesday was even more ridiculous than the weather on Monday -- 70 degrees and smelling like spring. Our azaleas look like they might be confused. apaulled had an afternoon dentist appointment, so he worked from home and we had lunch together. I did a bunch of writing and got about halfway finished with holiday cards -- incidentally, if you have moved since last year, please let me know your new address!

Late afternoon involved walking in the gorgeous if largely leafless woods, folding laundry while watching some Xena, and having my love justified when Jon Stewart showed Evil Hercules a.k.a. the Sovereign yelling "DISAPPOINTED!" in covering the fiscal cliff on The Daily Show. Here are some touristy photos from Art of Fire during the Countryside Artisans Tour on Sunday, including one of the Art of Fire cats (who own the place):

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