December 7th, 2012


Poem for Friday and Croydon Creek Critters

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My Thursday was not eventful. I finished my only winter fest obligation and started a review of a DS9 episode I did not remember at all. I read about rat empathy (thus proving that rats may have greater sensitivity than animal researchers), and the first gay Marylanders to get marriage licenses. I took a walk in the more December-appropriate chilly weather and saw a bunny in spite of it. I watched the new Trek movie trailer and -- okay, fine, I was snickering at how over the top it was, go ahead and defriend me if you must.

Adam needed a ride back to school for the full dress rehearsal of the show which opens on Friday -- we're seeing it on Sunday with my parents and Daniel -- so I did some chores after driving him. In the evening we watched Beauty and the Beast, which I hear is still on the bubble and will be so sad if it doesn't get renewed, then Elementary, which was surprisingly restrained and actually had a happy ending. Here are some photos from Croydon Creek Nature Center, both inside and out along the trail, in November:

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