December 9th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Museums by Candlelight

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Happy Chanukah! We celebrated at home after spending the day with my in-laws in Frederick on the Museums by Candlelight tour, when Frederick County's museums are free for holiday visitors. Adam and Maddy had to get back to school in time for the show, so we didn't get to all the places we've gone in past years, but we had lunch at the fabulous Beans in the Belfry, visited the Brunswick Railroad Museum, went to the South Mountain Historical Society which had live music and snacks, drove to South Mountain Creamery to see the cows and get egg nog, then stopped at Kiparoo Farm to see the handmade yarns and the sheep that provide the wool!

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Adam and Maddy went out to IHOP with other techies after the show; the rest of us had latkes and fried chicken for Chanukah, which we celebrated in a rush before Adam had to leave, then watched National Treasure because someone mentioned it and we were just in that sort of a mood. Paul's parents brought us some snacks from the Utz Factory Store and we are having Chanukah dinner with my parents on Sunday after we all see the high school show which Maddy and Adam's friend Daniel are in, so it is just going to be a weekend of good eating!