December 12th, 2012

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Poem for Wednesday and Superpoke Tarot

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Quickie because I was happily busy all day and evening and we are going to Richmond early tomorrow to see the Chihuly exhibit at the VMFA, then the winter lights show at the botanical gardens. Thank you so much everyone who made my birthday so awesome -- people who sent v-gifts and left posts here, posted on my Facebook wall, or e-mailed (I will not try to name them all because I'm afraid of missing someone but trust me I know who you are)! Kay took me to Tara Thai for lunch, after which I stopped in Charming Charlie (awesome stuff on the bargain rack) and Target (since the need for laundry detergent never ends).

Adam brought Maddy home since she had missed her bus, so I hung out with them for part of the afternoon -- I hesitated to leave them alone in the house but I had to get into the woods while the weather was so gorgeous. Paul made me peanut noodles and (fake) orange chicken for dinner, and gave me the restored Blu-Ray of Little Shop of Horrors with the original ending which I have now finally seen! He also made me an Avengers card, which I will scan before the week is over. Meanwhile here is my ridiculous birthday present to myself: a Tarot "deck" made up entirely of Superpoke Pets habitats (click the image for the full set):