December 14th, 2012

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Poem for Friday and Chihuly at VMFA

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I was way behind on things on Thursday from being out of town Wednesday, but I decided that Rosie really needed to go back to the vet -- she's been dragging her butt on the carpet and doing other things that made me suspect she'd ended up with a UTI after her intestinal distress a couple of weeks ago, and sure enough, I was right. She has antibiotics and got some fluids, so hopefully she will be completely recovered in a couple of days. When I got home I worked on holiday cards and took a walk -- chilly but gorgeous out -- and returned phone calls on which I'm days behind.

Rosie wasn't ready to be picked up till nearly 6 p.m., so we were nearly late to dinner, meeting wolfshark, her coworker A, and all our husbands at Lebanese Taverna, where we discussed travel, crazy families, and fannish stuff while eating awesome stuff like grape leaves and hummus. Eventually I had to go home since I have to review DS9 tomorrow, plus we watched this week's reasonably enjoyable Beauty and the Beast (single woman shaming pisses me off but at least there weren't bodies everywhere) and extremely enjoyable Elementary (which was mostly about a heist, not serial killers, yay).

Here are some photos from the VMFA's fantastic Chihuly exhibit, including Native American-inspired Baskets, underwater Seaforms, Macchia, Putti, Neon, and Mille Fiori:

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