December 17th, 2012

green little review

Poem for Monday and Beall-Dawson House

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Adam spent most of the late morning and afternoon striking the sets and taking down lights at the high school theater, so after eggs and fake Canadian bacon, Paul and I went to the Beall-Dawson House and Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine, which are on the same property in downtown Rockville. They have an exhibit right now about the Civil War in Montgomery County. The house was built for Upton Beall, the Clerk of the Court for Montgomery County, so it has been part of county history ever since; Beall cousins lived in the house for several generations and so did generations of slaves. The medical practice was moved from another local property to preserve it. The slave quarters were originally separated from the rest of the house, accessible only from outside.

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We had several shopping stops to make on the way home -- Staples, Petco, Trader Joe's, and we tried to go to World Market but the lines were 20 people deep so we decided not to buy anything. Though we followed it mostly on the radio, we heard the Redskins victory led by the backup quarterback, which puts them back in playoff contention, and the Ravens' loss, while embarrassing, won't keep them out of the playoffs since the Steelers lost to the Cowboys. Now we are watching New England try to drag itself back into the game against the 49ers, having taken a break to hear Obama lead a prayer vigil from Newtown and try to call Paul's brother Jon for his birthday. I hope everyone has a peaceful start to the week.