January 10th, 2013

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Farewell Tree

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I spent several hours on Wednesday watching a tree removal service cut down the tree that has grown outside our neighbor's house since before we moved in 18 years ago -- it's some variety of cherry tree that has gorgeous pink flowers in spring but drops berries all summer, and apparently several of the other neighbors complained about the berries landing on their cars, porches, etc. The tree overhung our yard -- anyone who has visited me has seen its branches over my porch in spring and winter. Daniel and I watched them chop it down and shred it to mulch.

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When Adam got home from school, I took him to get his bike tire fixed, though it turned out the wheel was bent and the brakes needed tuning, so we left the bike at the shop and went to Starbucks where Daniel bought me hot chocolate. Then we went to the Sports Authority so Adam could get some free weights -- we contemplated RGIII shirts but official NFL merchandise is so expensive as to be ridiculous. Evening TV included Terrapins basketball, which started well and ended terribly, and Nashville, which did the opposite. And that's the news!