January 31st, 2013

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Vader Valentines

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The absurdly warm weather continued on Wednesday, though accompanied by drizzle in the late morning that turned into rain in the afternoon and thunderstorms with flood and tornado warnings at night. I went to Pier 1, Kohl's, and Target looking for bolster and throw pillows that would match our new sofa covers, though I didn't find any that were right. (I did find a $95 dress that was 80% off and a magnetic closure bracelet for $3.20.) Adam biked home (diverting through the park to get exercise) so all my cleaning the rug in the living room was probably pointless, though having the doors open for two days has fixed the cat smell problem.

We watched Arrow, which I am having a really hard time following; I missed the first handful of episodes so that it partly my fault, but they've got all these convoluted family stories going with no effort to catch up new viewers, which I think is probably going to kill the show. Since Nashville was a rerun, we watched the pilot of The Americans, which I didn't like exactly because it was so violent and had a horrible flashback scene, but it certainly held my interest and I've always liked Keri Russell despite not having followed Felicity, so I will watch the second episode next week. From Target, Darth Vader Valentines:

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