February 12th, 2013


Poem for Tuesday, Wolverine, Duck

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It was a rainy, warm Monday and I got to spend most of it with dementordelta so it was an awesome Monday. I went out before she got here to pick up a Valentine gift for a family member and a pizza for lunch, which Delta and I ate while watching Wolverine, which I had never seen and for some unfathomable reason we were in the mood for a Hugh Jackman movie. Then we watched a bunch of short videos connected to Les Miserables, including Jackman and Russell Crowe singing together at various venues, Jackman giving Amanda Seyfried a lap dance for her birthday, Crowe being young and adorable in The Sum Of Us, etc. And then we watched Proof which Delta couldn't remember whether she had seen before and for some unfathomable reason we were in the mood for a Russell Crowe movie.

Delta brought me a Valentine and some presents, like a beading kit and Pirates of the Caribbean bubble bath, both of which are awesome. We went out to get Adam, who didn't feel like walking home on his sore foot, and he watched most of Proof with us. When eventually Delta had to leave, we had veggie shawerma for dinner, then watched this week's Dallas (I missed the first few minutes, someone please tell me why Bobby did you-know-what for Ann) and last night's Once Upon a Time where I was delighted to see a onetime Smallville favorite as a guest star. Now I am howling through Comedy Central's coverage of who should become the next Pope. Since I am running late on everything, here are some photos of a duck from Great Falls last weekend:

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