February 20th, 2013

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, Fort Stevens, Real Steel

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Tuesday was a rainy, chilly work-and-chore day -- writing, several laundries, a bit of shopping -- ending with a post-sunset orange sky so gorgeous that I had to take a walk when it was nearly dark. I don't have a lot to report otherwise, other than a slight weather headache that made me foggy through much of the afternoon (note: looking at meteor photos with incipient migraine can cause really dramatic effects).

Younger son has an early dentist appointment Wednesday so can sleep a bit late, so we all watched Real Steel together. Like Battleship, it has a completely predictable script, plus the most product placement I have ever seen in a movie, but the cast is pretty adorable and it's pretty well directed, so we enjoyed it. Then I watched Smash, which is losing me a bit more every week, even the characters I liked last year. Fort Stevens on Sunday:

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