February 23rd, 2013


Poem for Saturday, Deck Demolition, Hippocratic Oath

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The major event of our Friday was the demolition of the deck that has been attached to our house since we moved in. We've been talking about replacing it for years, but now we need to do so to refinance our mortgage because it's in such bad shape and so far below current building code. The good news is that since we're planning on replacing it with a near-exact copy, we didn't have to go through the neighborhood committee to get the design approved. We had some snow and sleet while the builders were here -- they're the same ones who replaced our front porch several years back -- so I got some photos of the rotting wood spattered with ice and our cats alternately horrified and fascinated by the proceedings:

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My only other accomplishment for the day was posting a review of Deep Space Nine's "Hippocratic Oath", one of the great Bashir-O'Brien love stories. I did get to take a walk during the one hour when we didn't have more precipitation than drizzle, and we had dinner with my parents, mostly food from Lebanese Taverna which I always love. Then we came home for this week's quite good Nikita and watched The Prestige -- it's been years since I saw it, Jackman and Bale are still electric onscreen together (next I need to rewatch 3:10 to Yuma because Crowe and Bale are too), and we are now watching all the extras which I've never put on before -- not that this is news, but Nolan is a genius and the set design is phenomenal.