March 4th, 2013

green little review

Poem for Monday and Lake Needwood

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Sunday was as pretty a day as Saturday -- again, temperatures were in the 40s, but the sun came through the clouds intermittently and the wind wasn't bad. We picked younger son up from my mother after he worked with her at Hebrew school and went to hike at Lake Needwood. There were several varieties of ducks and coots, plus an extensive network of beaver dams though we didn't see the beavers:

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Son went to the track when we got home to get ready for spring tryouts, then came home for dinner. We watched this week's Once Upon a Time though I am rapidly sliding into "why am I still watching this show" attitude, then we watched the first episode of Vikings, which wants to be Rome but, well, is not. Hopefully by the end of Monday we will have a deck we can walk on!