March 10th, 2013


Poem for Sunday and Downtown with Family

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Saturday was my mother's birthday and a really gorgeous spring day -- the forecast was for temperatures around 60, but it felt warmer all afternoon -- so after Adam got back from track practice and Daniel caught up on his sleep, we went downtown with my parents. We started at the National Gallery of Art, where we visited several of the exhibits I saw sans enfants a couple of weeks ago -- the Pre-Raphaelites, the French watercolors, the manipulated photos. Then we went to the Natural History museum to the orchids and the nature photo exhibit, which is terrific.

We had dinner in Silver Spring at Eggspectation (I had eggs benedict over crepes, most of my family had omelettes), then we came back to our house for birthday cake made by Paul. After my parents went home we were thinking of watching American Gangster, but older son mentioned The Avengers so that's what we ended up watching -- I feel like such a bad fan, there are a couple of scenes I can't look away from but then huge stretches of action movie where I'm bored and stop paying attention. Here are a couple of photos from our day, now we're going to change our clocks!

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