March 16th, 2013


Poem for Saturday, UMCP Farm, Little Green Men

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Lots went on during my Friday and I am now distracted by the Big East semifinals so I may not even remember it all. Early in the morning I watched Deep Space Nine's "Little Green Men" because I wanted to see some parts of it again before I reviewed it. Paul was home at lunchtime, so we finished the leftover pizza from Thursday and watched Van Helsing since Starz had it on -- I'd never seen it and I must admit that not even Hugh Jackman and David Wenham could make me love it (yo, writers, when you do a monster mash pastiche, you should think about keeping a sense of humor and not killing off so many characters in horrible grisly ways), but it had its moments. Then we went to pick up Daniel from College Park for his spring break and discovered both cherry blossoms in bloom and lambs and a foal at the farm (of course I only had my phone, not a decent lens):

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By the time we got home it was nearly 60 degrees out and I went for a walk to see the daffodils blooming all around the neighborhood. Then we went to my parents' for dinner, where to my surprise, my sister was visiting -- apparently a last-minute decision on her part -- so we stayed longer than usual and she got to hear my kids explain bro science and what's wrong with every movie they've ever seen. We missed Nikita (will catch it On Demand) but got home in time to see the Terps' men's basketball team eliminate Duke in the ACC quarterfinals, woohoo! Then we watched The Lathe of Heaven since older son had read the book in a Literature of Science and Technology class -- it's been aeons since I saw it, the effects are cheesy but the story is still great and ridiculously young Bruce Davison is very entertaining -- and now we are watching Notre Dame about to lose to Louisville in the Big East semis.