March 22nd, 2013

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Poem for Friday and Voyager Card

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I spent the official first day of spring (which was quite cold, though at least we didn't get snow here) with dementordelta, who went with me to pick up samosas (plus a chicken sandwich for Daniel), then came back here to watch the 2010 Robin Hood, Australia, and Mystery, Alaska (no, we weren't trying to cover as much of the world as possible, we were just looking for Russell and Hugh looking adorable giving great performances). I hadn't seen Robin Hood since it first came out on DVD and forgot how much I love Cate Blanchett in that; I hadn't seen Mystery, Alaska in nearly a decade and forgot how it ended! Australia is still total crack -- I know very little about the Japanese attacks during World War II but I have no idea whether to believe a thing about it from this film because the rest of it takes such liberties.

Daniel was in the room with us while the movies were on, but he was busy with video games online with friends from school for pretty much the entire day (all his women friends are apparently gamers, so rather than go out with them, he is playing Left For Dead with them). Adam -- whose girlfriend ended up in the hospital today after inadvertently eating something with peanuts in it -- went to a University of Hartford reception around when Delta had to go home, so we had club sandwiches for dinner. I watched Beauty and the Beast, which I continue to like a lot though I want Catherine and Tess to be friends and co-workers, not at odds, then we watched some NCAA basketball (we did not see the Maryland game, but the Terps beat Denver and will get to play the winner of the Alabama-Stanford game). I have been scanning old cards that apaulled made me while I have a coupon for a free Shutterfly book so I can print them. Here is a Voyager valentine from the 1990s: