March 24th, 2013

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Poem for Sunday and Brookside Flowers

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This will be quick because we watched a terrible terrible movie, then turned it off to find the Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert on PBS -- I did not go looking for it, I swear -- so now I am distracted! We had beautiful weather here on Saturday (a bit cool, but that's vastly preferable to a bit snowy), so after Adam got home from biking to Carderock, then running with the track team since the track itself was being used for something at the school -- Adam prefers cross country anyway -- we picked up Maddy and went out to lunch (Adam and Maddy at Fresh Market's cafe, the rest of us at Noodles & Company). The Easter Bunny was giving out plastic eggs with coupons and we walked around the shops waiting for the kids.

Then we went to Brookside Gardens, which has daffodils in bloom all over the place, plus many other ground flowers and the earliest flowering apricots and cherry blossoms. A few turtles were out, plus the geese, mallards, one heron, and many dozen robins and squirrels. We were still full from lunch when we got home at dinnertime, so we had sandwiches on the late side. Then we watched Black Death, which has Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne giving decent performances but a screenplay that is both historically ridiculous and rampantly misogynistic (and even by the standards of a certain actor's legendary death scenes, this one raises the level of gruesomeness). Now Les Mis has me in a better mood, so have a few flower pics, including one from the ikebana display in the nature center:

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Go, Wichita State. *g*