April 21st, 2013

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Brookside Gardens

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Spring was glorious on Saturday. It was in the mid-60s, sunny, breezy. We had French toast and fake bacon for brunch, then went to Brookside Gardens, where both flowers and animals were in evidence everywhere. The huge beds of tulips are in bloom, though we couldn't get close at first because there was a wedding going on; it was worth it, though, to walk toward the Japanese garden while listening to Pachelbel's canon and "Here Comes the Bride." We saw many turtles, a great blue heron, tadpoles, frogs, barn swallows, and Canada geese including one sitting on eggs:

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We left the park mid-afternoon because Adam had a date with his girlfriend and I had plans to meet wolfshark, gblvr and ktnb for dinner. As things (and carpools) worked out, we all ate at California Pizza Kitchen, though not together, since some of us were discussing fannish and political stuff and doing a bit of shopping while others were teenagers and therefore who knows what they were doing. After Maddy went home, we watched last week's Once Upon a Time recap special, then this week's Doctor Who -- men talking science, women talking love, as usual.