April 29th, 2013


Poem for Monday and Sunday in Richmond

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Paul, Adam and I spent the day in Richmond with Delta, Lin and another friend, and did not get home till late so this will be quick. We met at Dot's Back Inn for brunch -- most of us had some variety of eggs -- then we went to Lewis Ginter Botanic Garden, which has many hundreds of tulips, azaleas, peonies, violets, pansies and other flowers in bloom, plus turtles and goslings in the lake. It drizzled a bit when we arrived, but then the weather decided to cooperate so it was a nearly perfect afternoon -- not too sunny, not too hot.

Then we went to Maymont Park, which was having an open house with costumed aristocrats and staff, carriage rides, tours of the mansion, and the head gardener discussing the extensive gardens, farm and wildlife park. There were many azaleas in bloom there too, and we got to see the waterfall and koi in the pond that weren't around when we visited in the winter. We had dinner at Mexico, our favorite place to eat in Richmond though we went to a different on than we had previously (the enchiladas del pueblo were still fantastic). A few photos:

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