May 12th, 2013


Greetings from Philadelphia

Happy Mother's Day! We're actually home watching the 11 p.m. Doctor Who airing now but we spent nearly all of Saturday in Philadelphia at Penn's Alumni Weekend, celebrating my 25th reunion with several of my roommates (Tracey, Andrea, Debby), friends (Ruth, Sharon, Margaret, Leib, Heidi), former Daily Pennsylvanian colleagues, and lots of spouses, kids, and guests. Unhappily our own kids couldn't come -- the older one had college finals, the younger one had the high school county track meet.

We arrived just in time for the parade of classes. Then we went to the alumni picnic (which had veggie burgers and orzo salad as well as lots of cookies), where we sat around talking for a couple of hours before visiting the bookstore, the DP, various Walnut Street stores, the Superblock, and the Shoppes at Penn (where we discovered one can get both stuffed grape leaves and chocolate malteds). Here are a few photos, including the 34th Street offices where Paul and I met!

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