May 27th, 2013

get critical

Poem for Monday and Virginia Renfaire

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The weather was perfect on Sunday and we spent it at the Virginia Renfaire, which is having Pirate Weekend! We drove down after lunch (Adam was going to a funeral with his girlfriend, a crew coach passed away, they are having a really rough couple of weeks) and met dementordelta and Lin at Lake Anna Winery, where we did not buy any wine until we were leaving but we got to see lots of musical groups including Ship's Company, meet the Queen and Captain Jack, eat cheesecake on a stick, and see lots of animals including horses, rescue dogs, alpacas, ducklings, and a falcon. We have none of this year's cicadas in my area but they were all around the winery making phaser-type noises in the trees!

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Since we were near Fredericksburg, we went to Carlos O'Kelly's for dinner. When we got home we watched the first hour of the national Memorial Day concert (thankfully Alfie Boe sang during that part), then the final episode of Smash (which had a great opening but there's really nothing at this point that I'll miss, characters less mature than those on Glee, if I'd never seen a Broadway musical I'd never believe from this show that any of them were worth my money), then HBO's Liberace movie, which is almost too horrifying for words (Douglas, Damon, Bakula, and Lowe give amazing performances, but I think even the characters on Smash are more sympathetic). Have a good Memorial Day if you celebrate it!