June 25th, 2013

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Poem for Tuesday and Beetle Pics

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I was writing and doing laundry and stuff this morning until lunchtime, when my mother came to pick up Adam to go shopping (she has actually found someone in the family who likes to go look at clothes with her, heh). That was around the same time that the National Zoo announced that Rusty the Red Panda had gone missing from the enclosure where we saw the red pandas just a couple of weekends ago, and all of DC came to a screeching halt as everyone sat at computers refreshing the National Zoo Twitter feed, the fake National Zoo Red Panda Twitter feed, and various news sites until someone spotted Rusty in Adams Morgan and zookeepers showed up to recapture the poor guy.

After that kind of excitement, I could barely muster the energy to take a walk, eat dinner, and watch Tristan and Isolde, which has Henry Cavill and Mark Strong with long hair, plus Rufus Sewell not playing a villain for a change and lovely shots of Irish landscapes. Then we watched this week's Warehouse 13, in which Pete made references to Kryptonite, the impossibility of the Browns winning the Super Bowl in his lifetime, and the Philosopher's Stone being from Harry Potter, so it was a great geek episode. Now John Oliver is claiming that Jon Stewart isn't doing The Daily Show because he escaped from the National Zoo, so my day has come full circle.

Earlier this year Adam was taking photos of bugs in extreme close-up as part of a photo project. One afternoon while I was walking, I found a huge beetle and when a neighbor saw me trying to put it on a log so I could carry it home without its scary pincers grabbing me, she kindly loaned me a plastic container. Here are some photos of the beetle and of Adam taking photos of the beetle -- I started with the latter because I know from the cicada photos that some people really, really hate it when I post insects without a spoiler warning:

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