June 28th, 2013

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Poem for Friday, Goslings, Good Night and Good Luck

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I was supposed to catch up on things Thursday that got set aside because I was busy watching the Supremes dump DOMA on Wednesday, but I was looking for a photo from a trip taken years ago and came across a bunch of photos from elementary school, and posted a couple of them, and spent a lot of time afterward on Facebook catching up with the people in those photos. I am not sorry about this at all -- this is why I stay on Facebook despite privacy concerns, corporate issues, etc. In my defense, I did get the laundry folded.

Despite a tornado watch -- we got some rain, but fortunately nothing worse-- I also took the kids to get haircuts. Adam now has a buzz cut, which means less hair to worry about when he's running, but I am definitely not used to it yet. My hair is just shorter for the summer and I need advice about good conditioner and hair dye for dry hair that's never been tested on animals. After the haircuts, Adam drove us to the mall so we could get frozen yogurt. We also got his final report card for the year: straight As in all honors and AP classes.

After dinner we watched Good Night and Good Luck, which we had never seen and is only free on Amazon Prime through Saturday. It's excellent, both the performances and the script (not sure the black and white film adds a great deal, but it isn't distracting and gives the movie a rather timeless feel). The McCarthy hearings seem very timely at the moment as well as the perspective on the relationship between advertising and news reporting. Here are the Washingtonian Lake goslings whom I saw again on Wednesday, now all grown up!

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