June 29th, 2013


Poem for Saturday, For the Cause, Tintin, Testudos

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On Friday the weather went back and forth between extreme heat and pouring rain, though not as much thunder as the thunderstorm warnings suggested that we might. Daniel chatted with friends online; Adam went to play tennis and have lunch with my father while I was working on a review of Deep Space Nine's "For the Cause" (I can never remember which Eddington episode is the Valjean/Javert one; sadly, it's "For the Uniform," not this one).

We saw bunnies, had Greek food for dinner with my parents, came home so Adam's friends could come visit him for a while, then watched The Adventures of Tintin, which has a great cast of voice actors, has absolutely stunning animation, and is a lot of fun (though if you're looking for any female character of consequence, you need a different animated movie). Here are some pics from UMCP that I meant to post months ago:

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