July 7th, 2013

get critical

Poem for Sunday and Butler's Orchard

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Adam was working at Photoworks in the afternoon, so after watching Bartoli win at Wimbledon and having lunch, we dropped him off at Glen Echo and went to Butler's Orchard with Daniel to pick blueberries. It was very sunny and hot and they were giving tractor rides out to the blueberry patches, where there were tons of berries. After we picked about three pounds of blueberries, we went to check out the black raspberry patch, which was pretty wiped out, and went to the orchard store, where we got watermelon, apple butter, and some much-needed iced tea.

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On the way home we stopped at CVS and Giant for supplies, then picked up Adam and Maddy who was going with a party to him in the evening. In the evening while they were playing frisbee and eating pizza and chocolate, the rest of us had pizza and ice cream at home, then we watched Stormy Monday because I was in a Sting and Sean Bean mood, and then Wimbledon because we'd been talking earlier about the last time a Brit won Wimbledon and I said Paul Bettany. Sunday morning I am hoping we will be watching Murray do it for real!